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    ross - "Having holidays fall on Fridays is dangerous – forgot what day it was. Sorry folks, see ya Tuesday. "View
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    dimelomotorworks - "Hey Fellas, Cycle Gear is having their bike night tonight. $50 free giveaway raffle and if they do a slow race you can win $25. I won one last time! Let me know who’s in and we can roll to PP afterward. "View
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    djhancock - "Thanks for the reminder Steve. Looking forward to my first Memphis Rally. Have heard nothing but great things about it. "View
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    northdrums - "@uberej Welcome to scootnashville, your Ruck looks sweet! "View
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    willy - "Paul’s wife Stephanie has posted that the visitation will be Sunday night (9/29) from 6-8 and the memorial will be Monday morning at 9am. Location TBA. "View
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    aries - "You gotta love Cycle Gear. Even though we arrived late, they stayed open while the scooterists browsed. Thanks to Ed, Steve, Michelle, Glenn, and Dave for the fun ride. "View
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