Monthly group ride, August edition.


It’s that time again, or it will be on Saturday, August 16th. We will meet at our usual coffee spot at 8th and Roast on 8th Avenue at 9am with kick stands up at 10:30.

This ride will be 50cc friendly. If you haven’t already take a moment to check out our ride etiquette. .

To recap – Saturday 8/16/14 meet at 8th and Roast after 9, but before 10:30 am. Be prepared to leave for a 50cc friendly ride at 10:30 on the dot.

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House Cleaning.


I’ve done some work on the back end of the site tonight just cleaning out stuff we don’t need. I also got a temporary fix on the e-mail issue you may not have been aware that we were having. You should now get notified of alerts on the site. Tomorrow the ride details for our last group ride before Race the Trace will be posted. Speaking of Race the Trace, have y’all been to yet?

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Time for some weekday refreshment.


I couldn’t believe myself this morning, i had to go back inside to get a hoodie it was so cool outside. It looks like that weather is going to stick with us tonight. We will have clear weather and temps in the 60′s. So if you haven’t run your bike in a few days it’s time to dust those seats off and plant your happy little butts on them.

We will be at Pizza Perfect on 21st ave from 7-?

I’ll be rolling out the plans for Augusts group ride and talking about whatever else comes to mind. Hope to see ya there!

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The Saturday morning coffee meet is on! We will be at 8th and Roast on 8th Ave from 9am -? The weather is looking to be a bit hot but otherwise fantastic. You may even convince some of us to get out on some back roads!

See ya in the morning!

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Pizza party!

Well, I mean it could be a party. Mainly it’s just our regularly scheduled hangout. Tonight it’s gonna be in the low 70′s with a minimal chance of rain.

We will be at Pizza Perfect on 21st avenue starting around seven pm.

I hope to see ya around tonight.

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Lows in the 50′s

It’s Tuesday and the weather seems keen to cooperate with is. Rain is down to a 20% chance and the temps are gonna be in the 50′s. If there’s ever been a good night to get out and grab a slice of awesome pizza and hang out with the scooter crew, this is one of them.

We will be at Pizza Perfect off 21st ave from 7 til we feel like leaving tonight. On tonight’s agenda – we are talking about Saturday mornings group ride and if course whatever else pops up.

Hope to see you there!

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July’s group ride.


We are a week away from our monthly group ride. We will meet up as usual at 9 am with a 10:30 am departure. That means kick stands up at 10:30. This ride will be 50cc friendly, so bring what ya want. Please read through this post to get familiar with some of our guidelines to group rides.

As always if you have questions or suggestions, I’m all ears.

Editing to clarify that since this ride takes place on Saturday ,July 19th we will meet at 8th and Roast starting at 9 a.m. with a departure of 10:30 am.

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Well, Saturday is upon us, it’s gonna be hot and only a 20% chance of rain. I don’t know about y’all but I’ll be in the mood for some ice coffee in the morning.

We will be kicking it from 9am Р? at 8th and Roast on Рyou guessed it Р8th avenue. Come hang, get your caffeine fix and maybe end up on a ride out to who knows where.

See ya in the morning!

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