What goes good with a full tank of gas? Coffee. That’s what. It’s a good thing we will be meeting up at 8th and roast tomorrow morning from 9 til whenever.

The weather forecast is looking a little, well – wet. Either way I’ll be hanging around the coffee shop, and I hope to see you too.

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Ride report.


It was an amazing day for a ride and we took full advantage. We ran through Belle Meade and Percy Warner park and ended up back by Vandy for lunch and a well earned beer or two at Kaybobs.

Thanks to all who showed, and if you missed it our next months group ride will knock your socks off. We’re running down the Trace to spend the night in Florence Alabama. If you’re interested in coming along all the details you need are at don’t forget to grab shirt and a patch when you’re there.

I hope to see y’all on Tuesday for our weekly meet at Pizza Perfect.

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Things, and stuff.


Just throwing out a reminder that our group ride is Saturday morning. We will be leaving 8th and roast after our meetup. The gathering starts at 9:00 am and leaves at 10:30. Swing by the forum to familiarize yourself with the group ride rules.

This one will be 50cc friendly and if you’re lucky I may roll past the scooter tag landmark if someone hasn’t found it by then.

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Game on!


I finally got a bike running and legal today so I got our first tag posted. If you are the first to find and post on the scooter tag thread you get to pick the next tag. I also know that my Madass isn’t technically a scooter, but it’s got the same, albeit larger, engine as my Passport, and it has a scootnashville sticker on it. So I’m counting it. To get started in scooter tag go by our forum and check out this topic – Scooter Tag

It’s a late reminder as well but our weekday meetup at Pizza Perfect on 21st ave. is tonight from 7-? I won’t be able to make it, but I will be nice and ready for our ride this Saturday, August 16th. Remember we will meet up at 8th and Roast starting at 9am and will be leaving out at 10:30 am for a 50cc friendly ride.

I hope to see y’all this weekend, happy hunting and safe riding!


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Scooter tag delayed.


It’s been a weekend y’all. I tried it get out Saturday to kick off our tag game but I couldn’t get my Vespa started. Cue the jokes. I know.

I’ll have either that bike operational or my other running bike registered on Tuesday to kick off the game. Also remember that our monthly group ride is on Saturday the 16th. It’ll be 50cc friendly and starts at 8th and Roast with a departure time of 10:30 am.

I hope to see y’all out this week!

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Midweek update.


It’s almost Thursday and we are gearing up for another weekend in Nashville. We are one week away from our monthly group ride.

For the week leading up I am going to introduce a new feature. We are going to get a good game of scooter tag going. The rules are simple, I will start by posting a photo of my bike outside of a landmark in Nashville. It’s then your job to post a picture of yours outside that same landmark. Once you’ve done that you get to pick the next tag. You post a photo of your bike outside a new landmark, when someone else claims that tag with a picture of their bike the tag will then continue. The full rules will be posted in the thread under the forum. This will be a great opportunity to get out and explore the city and get some awesome photos of your bike around the city.

Also remember our weekend meetup is at 8th and Roast from 9-?

I hope to see y’all there. Til then ride safe!

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Pizza Day!


Being that it’s Tuesday we will be having our weekday get together at Pizza Perfect on 21st Ave. We will be there from 7-? Tonight.

I do have a few things to discuss, mainly some improvements or suggestions on the site or activities we can be doing, I’m always looking for feedback. I also want to talk about amending our weekly meet up to accommodate Cycle Gears monthly bike nights. They have been a Blue Vs Grey rally sponsor from day 1 and I want to show them we appreciate that.

I hope to see y’all tonight.

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Monthly group ride, August edition.


It’s that time again, or it will be on Saturday, August 16th. We will meet at our usual coffee spot at 8th and Roast on 8th Avenue at 9am with kick stands up at 10:30.

This ride will be 50cc friendly. If you haven’t already take a moment to check out our ride etiquette. .

To recap – Saturday 8/16/14 meet at 8th and Roast after 9, but before 10:30 am. Be prepared to leave for a 50cc friendly ride at 10:30 on the dot.

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House Cleaning.


I’ve done some work on the back end of the site tonight just cleaning out stuff we don’t need. I also got a temporary fix on the e-mail issue you may not have been aware that we were having. You should now get notified of alerts on the site. Tomorrow the ride details for our last group ride before Race the Trace will be posted. Speaking of Race the Trace, have y’all been to yet?

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